5 of Luzzu’s Most Popular Dishes

As a family-friendly restaurant, located in the heart of Qawra along the renowned promenade, we at Luzzu take pride in offering various dishes to suit every diner’s need. Known for its delectable Mediterranean cuisine and fantastic Kids’ Play Area, Luzzu is the perfect place to unwind with all the family.

With a vast menu of delicious dishes to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! However, our team has handpicked some must-try dishes that are super popular among patrons. Whether you’re joining us for a family meal, a date night, or organising a special event, Luzzu has every option under the sun. Read on for our team’s personal recommendations!

Balsamic Beef Salad

Luzzu Restaurant - Balsamic Beef Salad

Get ready to sink your teeth into a mouth-watering dish that’s bursting with flavour, and our Supervisor, Sanja’s favourite dish! Our pan-seared beef strips are perfectly tender and pair beautifully with a colourful mix of salad leaves, baby spinach, and crunchy onions. We’ve also added some pickled beetroot, quinoa, sundried tomatoes, and radish to give this dish a bit of a kick. And let’s not forget the artichokes – they add a deliciously tangy flavour you won’t be able to resist! Drizzled with a zesty Italian dressing and topped with crispy croutons and toasted sesame seeds, this dish is a true feast for the senses.

Ravioli Cacio e Pepe

Luzzu Restaurant - Ravioli Cacio e Pepe

Introducing our Restaurant Manager, Cristian Scalise’s favourite dish: our Ravioli Cacio e Pepe. This firm favourite is filled with a delicious blend of cheeses and cracked pepper, then topped with a savoury sage butter sauce. Our Chef adds a healthy dose of rucola for that extra crunch and pop of colour, topped off with tender pan-roasted pumpkin and sweet tomato confit. To finish, we sprinkle a generous helping of grana shavings. This dish is the perfect combination of rich, savoury, and sweet, with a variety of textures that tantalize your taste buds.

Beef Tagliata

Luzzu Restaurant - Beef Tagliata

Our Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, Justin Ciappara, recommends the Beef Tagliata – a classic among meat lovers! Sink your teeth into tender, juicy beef strips served on a bed of fresh rucola, sprinkled with grana shavings for a cheesy punch, topped with a handful of fresh baby tomatoes for that ultimate burst of sweetness. What really brings this dish to life is our tangy chimichurri dressing – the perfect complement to the rich, savoury flavours and a match made in culinary heaven. Give it a try!

Grilled Swordfish Steaks

Luzzu Restaurant - Grilled Swordfish

Chef Darrin definitely recommends the Grilled Swordfish Steaks – a dish that is sure to transport your taste buds to the Med. Chef grills these steaks to perfection with a light char that adds that smoky flavour. The dish is then topped with zesty tomato and caper salsa, bringing out a blend of sweet and tangy flavours. And at Luzzu, you can enjoy your swordfish steaks right by the coast! Perfect combo!

Bufalina Pizza

Luzzu Restaurant - Bufalina Pizza

Our Bufalina Pizza is a true masterpiece of Italian cuisine and a favourite of our Food & Beverage Operations Manager, Tomas Vindasius. Our pizzaiolos are dedicated to their craft, kickstarting the pizza process by creating a thin crust base for our flavour-packed toppings. They then add a generous layer of mozzarella cheese – the perfect complement to the meaty, salty mortadella. To take things up a notch, we add slices of rich, velvety mozzarella di bufala campana with a sprinkle of crushed pistachios on top for that extra nutty flavour. As a final topping, we add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil – the perfect finishing touch that adds a bit of richness to every bite.

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