Welcome to Luzzu: Your new favourite restaurant by the sea in Malta

One of the greatest pleasures of living on a small island like Malta is that you’re always close to the sea. This makes it easy to escape to the coast and enjoy a delicious meal at one of Malta’s many restaurants by the sea.

If you’re searching for a casual seaside restaurant with a view, Luzzu is a must-visit. Known for our family-friendly charm, our award-winning eatery features a bright indoor space, a spacious outdoor terrace, and a fun kids’ play area, all right on the Qawra coast. Whether you prefer basking in the Mediterranean sun or relaxing in a cool air-conditioned space, we offer the perfect setting for enjoying a delightful lunch or dinner.

Delicious Mediterranean dishes to complement our sea views

At Luzzu, you’ll find a delicious array of Mediterranean-inspired dishes at great value. From pastas and burgers to pizzas, grills, and salads, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Let’s take a closer look at some of our highlight dishes that perfectly complement our relaxing sea views.

Cruda Pizza

A pizza in the Mediterranean is almost always a good idea. This light and fresh delight is perfect for enjoying a lunch with a view in Malta. Our oven-baked dough is topped with creamy mozzarella, juicy cherry tomatoes, savoury Parma ham, peppery rucola, and delicate grana shavings, all drizzled with a generous dose of extra virgin olive oil. Tuck into each slice and savour the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean.

Mixed Fish Tower (serves 2)

If you’re heading to one of the best restaurants in Malta with a sea view, seafood should top your list. At Luzzu, we don’t disappoint! Our Mixed Fish Tower is perfect for couples to savour a selection of fresh catch and seafood delights together. Dive into a delicious feast of grilled swordfish with tomato and caper salsa, steamed mussels with fresh herbs and baby tomatoes, fritto misto of prawns, sea bass, and calamari, accompanied by tartar sauce and fresh lemon. This is what seafood pleasures are all about in Malta!

Ravioli Cacio e Pepe

Malta loves ravioli, those soft, round pockets of pasta dough filled with fresh ricotta and cracked pepper. At Luzzu, we’ve given traditional ravioli a delightful twist with our special Cacio e Pepe recipe. Cooked with sage butter, rucola salad, pan-roasted pumpkin, tomato confit, and grana shavings. Each bite offers a rich, savoury flavour that will leave you craving more.

Beef Tagliata

Looking for a meat dish that’s light enough for summer? Our Beef Tagliata is the perfect choice. We start with a 400g steak, which we pan-seared to medium-rare perfection, then thinly slice it. It’s served with fresh rucola, grana shavings, and baby tomatoes, all complemented by our bright and refreshing chimichurri dressing. Every bite bursts with deliciousness, making it the ideal dish to enjoy as the sun sets over the Qawra coastline.

Gluten Free Pasta at Luzzu Restaurant

House Burger

When the burger craving hits, there’s no getting over it. So why not sink your teeth into a juicy burger that’s a cut above the rest at Luzzu? Our House Burger features a 200g pure beef patty nestled in a soft brioche bun, topped with melted cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, grilled streaky bacon, fancy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and pickled gherkins. Heavenly and satisfying without being overly indulgent, it’s the ideal meal for a sunny lunch or an evening treat.

Make your reservation at Luzzu

Have we enticed you enough? Now it’s time to book your table at Luzzu, one of the best restaurants by the sea in Malta. Reach out to our reservation team today and let us know your preference for indoor seating or our outdoor terrace with close-up sea views. Whether you’re planning a family lunch or a romantic dinner, we’re here to ensure you have a memorable dining experience by the sea.

Our restaurant and play area in Qawra are open from noon until 9.30 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and we remain open until 10.30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Reserving a table is easy. Simply reach out to us at +356 2158 4647 or request a table. We can’t wait to host you for a fantastic time at our restaurant!